The Julian Society

A Religious Order

As a non-denominational Pagan Religious Order, the Julian Society is dedicated to three basic goals:

  1. To present the Emperor Julian's life and efforts to the modern world (both Pagan and otherwise) as a historical example of Pagan piety, dignity, respectability and social responsibility.

  2. To reintroduce the ideal of a unified but diverse worldwide Pagan movement, as conceived by ancient Neo-Platonic philosophy and championed by the Emperor Julian and other Pagans of late antiquity, as a viable alternative to cultural Christianity.

  3. To continue the Emperor Julian's plan and works to restore Paganism to its rightful place as a major and respected world religion.

It is our hope that the Emperor Julian's historical legacy will provide those who worship the ancient Gods today with a means of clearly focusing on the issues we all share. Our paths differ today just as they did in antiquity. Yet we have the writings, teachings and efforts of the Emperor who led the last great effort for Pagan restoration to provide solutions which can allow us to preserve our individual paths and yet act together.

The ideals held by the Julian Society are compatible with all forms of Pagan spirituality. Membership in the Julian Society is valid alongside all other group memberships and Pagan religious associations. Our spiritual philosophy is a focus upon positive personal conduct and responsibility. We hold that each member's personal beliefs and connections with the gods are their own responsibility, and are also proven by their works in the world around them.

Members are invited to dedicate themselves toward positive and honorable virtues and conduct, toward the goal of making Pagan spirituality a more respected path.

A Higher Standard

The Julian Society seeks to enhance Pagan religion through practical example.

Who will find Julian Society membership beneficial?

Those who:

Some of the opportunities available to members of the Julian Society:

  1. The opportunity to be part of a respected organization which is known for promoting learning, personal virtue and honor.

  2. The opportunity to focus directly on Pagan religion and its history, rather than diluting your religious efforts with the usual gamut of "alternative" social issues.

  3. The opportunity to help achieve Julian's goals of restoring Pagan religion, by working alongside others who share a belief in this ancient legacy.

  4. The opportunity to organize and run an official chapter of the Julian Society in your area.

  5. The opportunity to share rites and rituals that focus on the Emperor Julian's spirituality and works.